Marissa Darr


Marissa was always meant to be a dog trainer. She grew up in a household where her father trained service dogs for 35 years. His passion for dogs and helping people inspired her to follow in his footsteps and she has been training dogs for more than 10 years.

She has three dogs of her own; Creed a Dutch shepherd, Terra a German shepherd and Banjo a Chihuahua mix. She competes in PSA and dock diving. With Creed she has earned PDC, CGC, Trick Dog Beginner and Intermediate and is working towards PSA1, advanced trick dog titles, dock diving, and nose work titles. She is working towards AKC rally titles, dock diving titles, and nose work with Terra and toward CGC and Trick Dog titles with Banjo. She is a member of West Orlando PSA Club and NADD.

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