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Do You Really Need A Dog Trainer

Training a dog is essential to a quality life and happy bond between owner and pet. Attempting to train your own pet is an option, sure, but it can be a lengthy, arduous feat. There is a necessary commitment of time, patience, and consistency that most pet owners struggle to balance. Even if you have read every dog-training manual, magazine article and web site, it isn’t that easy. Dogs’ abilities to receive commands vary with breed, surroundings and methodology. Even the most intelligent and receptive of breeds can be unpredictable. A professional can truly speed up the process and guarantee a satisfying outcome.

Like most investments, it’s natural to consider the options and evaluate the pros and cons before making the decision to hire a professional dog trainer. The most common objection, or reason some may choose not to hire a trainer, is because successful training goes deeper than teaching the dog a few simple commands. Some dog trainers charge large sums of money to teach basic obedience, but don’t leave the owner with much insight on how to ensure consistency and longevity of the desired results.

Effective training with lasting impact is about the relationship between owner and pet, and learning to communicate effectively to instill desired behaviors. The training methods used by our professional team at Train Pro Dogs are exactly that. We take pride in educating the owner, as well as training the dog. It is so important that the owner is involved in the training and understands the needed reinforcements to maintain the desired behavior and obedience from their pet.

Dog training is not only imperative for young puppies, but also extremely beneficial for mature animals that may need some redirection to improve their obedience. Trainers also aid in rehabilitating dogs that have developed quirks, behavioral problems, or aggression issues. A common misconception is that your pet will excel with the trainer, but return to it’s “old ways” once returned to you. While that may be the case with some conventional training, we love to prove that theory wrong.

We help dogs understand commands that pertain to behaviors and not surroundings. With us, they learn to follow patterns, like simple place commands or heeling. We ensure the owner has the confidence to address the dog in the manners used by our professional trainers, so that the animal respects its owner just the same.

Here are some of the reasons why our clients have chosen Train Pro Dog’:

  1. I want my dog trained right. The first time.
  2. I worry the problems might become pro-longed or permanent if they’re not addressed correctly, sooner rather than later.
  3. I’m not happy and I’m worried that my pet isn’t happy.
  4. I don’t want to put my family or friends’ safety at risk by ignoring the problem.
  5. I’ve considered getting rid of my dog because I just can’t deal with the issues anymore.
  6. It’s embarrassing to take my dog in public because of his bad habits.
  7. I’ve worked hard at training my dog, but he doesn’t listen to the rest of my family.

We truly believe in every dog. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a family overcome behavioral challenges with their pet and learn to have a healthy, thriving bond. Whether your biggest concern is experience, consistency or time, we can assure you that dog training is a valuable investment that you’ll be so glad you chose.


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