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Board and Train Programs

Board your dog in a home environment

Board your dog in a home environment, not a concrete jungle. Dogs learn best in an environment similar to where they live. During our Board & Train Programs your dog will live with one of our highly skilled trainers in our training home for consistent one-on-one training to build a solid foundation of confidence, obedience and socialization. Daily training sessions are tailored to the specific needs of you and your dog and may include lessons at high-distraction locations such as local parks, coffee shops, restaurants and more depending on your dog’s comfort level.

Even though your dog will be boarding with us, you will be actively involved in the training plan. Scheduled appointments will provide you the opportunity to participate and gain familiarity with the training tools and methods before your dog returns home.


Two-Week Program

This program is designed for puppies or dogs who need a solid foundation of obedience. Training sessions will be developed based on your goals and your dog’s current behavior. Issues addressed may include leash pulling, jumping, basic obedience, housebreaking, crate training, reactivity and off-leash reliability (dogs over six months only). In addition to structured learning, daily socialization sessions ensure your pup learns appropriate play … and has fun while away from home

Program includes: All training tools, two weeks of boarding, four private lessons, six months of unlimited follow up lessons and six months of graduate group class.

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